15 Hilarious Pranks to Pull on College Friends

9 January 2014

Oh Lord, there are so many hilarious pranks to pull on college friends. Listen, if you’re looking for prank ideas and don’t want to get sucked into hours of prank videos, this article is for you. Here are 15 that you can always count on, as long as they go off without a hitch and are executed safely.
#1 – Tape the Contents of Their Trash to Their Door
Make a statement. You can find out a fair amount about a person by exposing their trash. Go into their room, especially if they’re super-messy and tape everything (within reason of course) that’s trash onto their door and let them know it’s time to clean up!
#2 – Fill Their Dorm Room with Popcorn
This is a cheap and easy trick. Making it goes really quick and you can easily fill an entire dorm room with only about 8 or 9 bags which cost maybe $2 each. Transporting it is easy as well….industrial-sized trash bags. The trick is that ideally you should be able to leave the room through the window so you can make the popcorn 5 feet tall (or more)!

#3 – Put a Dead Thing in Their Cereal
No, not a real dead thing, but a realistic looking one. It’s not over-the-top but it works (especially on girls) you could either big a furry spider in there of substantial size, a small snake, or perhaps even a rate.
#4 – Change Their Computer Log-In Sounds
This is truly legendary. If you can get their log in information, or get into the computer while they’re away change the log-in sound to something crazy. Anything from a full-on gun fight to a ground shaking explosion with screams of terror. Then, turn their sound system up super-loud (not so loud you blow speakers) so that the next time they expect to hear some pleasant sound suddenly they’re under siege and could potential crap themselves.

#5 – The Almighty Soda Bomb
Mentos are pretty old. But, what you do is put a tiny hole through one, latch it onto a string and then drop it into a big bottle of soda and close the cap tightly. Simply put it back in the fridge and wait. The next person who opens that will be bombarded with fizz and syrup unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

#6 – Butter Tiles
Again, cheap and easy but effective. If you have any tiles, butter them up and then wait because regardless of what kind cleats someone may be wearing they’re going to end up on their butt. Really good for roommates or college friends with hard wood floors.
# 7 – Completely Cover them in Flour While they Sleep
Don’t pour it on so they wake up. No, instead grab like 10 bags of flour (that’s a pretty hefty clean up job remember) and slowly stealth fully cover your college buddy while they sleep. Flour is actually quite comfortable.

#8 – Early Alarm + Flattened Tires
They’re the type of person that jet’s out of bed last minute, scrambles onto their bikes and heads off to class. Okay, so set the alarm an hour ahead of schedule (and any other clocks in the room along with it) and then flatten the tires so they think they’re going to be late.
#9 – Put a Fake Person In their Bed
Get a realistic looking mannequin and sneak them into bed next to someone. Making the mannequin’s face scary is a bonus. They could wake up in the night screaming, or they could wake up in the morning to an unexpected stranger. Hilarious.

#10 – Opposite Side Switch
This one doesn’t make a mess, it’s free and it’s funny. While they’re away at class sneak into their room and switch everything to the opposite side so it’s a perfect match. Then, when they bring it to your attention, seriously act as if they’re nuts and it’s been that way the whole time. If you can hold your composure it will play an epic mind prank on them.

#11 – Early Morning Shower Prank
Simply sneak into the dorm shower while they’re getting ready for another day of collegiate labor and steal their towel and clothes so they will have no other option but to grab the shower curtain. However, this may not occur to them for some time.
#12-  Shaving Cream Floor
Cover the floor, completely, in fragrant shaving cream. Super cheap, and not as hard to clean up.
#13 – Wrapping Paper Room
Grab some festive wrapping paper and thoroughly set about wrapping their entire room in it. Even if it takes 10 rolls, that’s probably only $20 to do a full single dorm room.

#14 – Pubic Hair + Superglue
Seriously, if they have a problem cleaning up their pubes, then (with gloves on) grab a bunch of the stuff and super clue it to something that’s valuable enough to them that they’ll get the point.
#15 – Wake Up in Unexpected Places
If they’re a heavy sleeper or utterly passed out, have them wake up in a strange place. This is so awesome when pulled off correctly.

We had to boil it down to these because there are hundreds of pranks out there. But, with a little creativity you could come up with just about anything. Check out even more cruel but funny roommate pranks!
How about it gang, what kinds of pranks have you played on college friends that they’ll never forget?

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