17 Weird Hobbies for Students That Will Change Your Life

2 November 2018

College can be a stressful time, so it is a good idea to find some fun activities to fill your spare time. However, for some students this can lead to some weird hobbies!
Let’s look at some of the most unusual hobbies you might want to try.
1 – Toy Voyaging
There are some weird hobbies that are stranger than others and one of them must be toy voyaging. You can register online to send your toy off on vacation to another part of the world – or you can host someone else’s toy. People take it incredibly seriously, giving their toy life missions they wish to fulfil while hosts complete travel journals and take photographs of the toy enjoying its vacation.
2 – Quidditch
Harry Potter captured thehearts of children and adults alike and continues to have a huge fanbase today. Many colleges and universities are playing homage to that by setting up their own real life Quidditch teams. There may not be flying brooms, but the muggle equivalent of this wizard sport certainly counts as one of the weird hobbies you might find on campus.
3 – Soap Carving
Some weird hobbies are quite artistic when you look more closely. Soap carving transforms standard bars of soap into intricate works of art using specialist tools and techniques.
4 – Element Collecting
As weird hobbies go, one that might appeal to chemistry students in particular is Element Collecting. This involves trying to collect elements from the periodic table. There are many ways to approach this with some enthusiasts opting for a specific row or group rather than the whole table.
A word of caution – collecting heavy elements, poisonous elements and of course radioactive ones is not recommended!
5 – Making Snow Globes
Who doesn’t love playing with a snow globe? Wouldn’t making your own be even more fun? This is a hobby shared by one of the world’s most well-known celebrities – Taylor Swift. Even the stars have weird hobbies they enjoy on their down time.
6 – Beetle Fighting
Beetle fighters pit their insects against one another in small plastic arenas with the bouts often being filmed and loaded to YouTube. Some enthusiasts even go so far as to breed their own beetles in an attempt to create a champion.
7 – Hikaru Dorodango
You have likely never heard of Hikaru Dorodango, also known as dirt polishing, but it is apparently a popular hobby. It involves take a small ball of mud, extracting all the moisture and then coating it with fine layers of soil. Eventually it becomes possible to polish the ball of dirt into a smooth sphere.
8 – Entomology
Entomology is the study of insects. In terms of weird hobbies bug collecting must be up there, right? One celebrity who doesn’t agree is model Claudia Schiffer who has an extensive bug collection and is also a huge fan of spiders! The logo for her clothing line even features a spider.
9 – Duck Herding
Did you know? It is possible to train ducks to be herded just like sheep? In fact, it is a competitive sport and one of the most popular choices for corporate team building days.
10 – Extreme Ironing
Believe it or not Extreme Ironing is a competitive sport which is growing in popularity. It involves ironing laundry, but in more extreme situations such as while rock climbing, kayaking or even skydiving.
11 – Newsraiding
Have you ever wanted to appear on television? You are not alone if the growing popularity of newsraiding is anything to go on. This hobby involves appearing on television as a bystander on news reports and other live broadcasters! One of the most prolific newsraiders is Paul Yarrow from the UK who has appeared in the background of hundreds of television broadcasts always wearing his signature beige sweater.
12 – Noodling
If your college is located near a fishing spot, then maybe you would like to try your hand at noodling – quite literally. Noodling is the art of fishing with your bare hands. Catfish are the most common prey for noodlers.
13 – Ghost Hunting
Are you a fan of paranormal TV shows like Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Lockdown? Why not try a little ghost hunting in real life? Many paranormal teams across the country run events taking members of the public to investigate spooky buildings.
14 – Collecting Barbie Dolls
Perhaps collecting barbies isn’t one of the strangest entries on our list, but one of its enthusiasts made it interesting enough to be included. Johnny Depp is an avid collector of the dolls and says he often plays with the dolls in his collection when getting into character for a role.
15 – Tree Shaping
Tree shaping is not a hobby for those looking for instant gratification as it can take years. However, it is extremely cool as you can train trees to grow into artistic shapes or even into your own living furniture.
16 – Geocaching
What if we told you that you could go on a real-life treasure hunt? Geocachers use satellite technology to locate caches – small boxes of trinkets and other treasures which can be swapped. There is also a log book to sign inside each one. It may seem a little weird at first, but it is totally free, a great way to stay fit and good for meeting other players.
17 – Suing People
Not all the weird hobbies we have come across are advisable and we certainly don’t recommend taking up suing people. Jonathan Lee Riches made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the person who has filed the most lawsuits. His list of targets includes the likes of Britney Spears, Martha Stewart, the Eiffel Tower and even a selection of Buddhist Monks.
These weird hobbies might sound a little strange to you right now but consider this – the hobbies you mention on your resume are something that helps companies with their recruitment. If you prefer to try something more conservative, check out these cheap hobbies for students.
A prospective employer is not necessarily looking for a hobby connected to the job, but if you have an interesting hobby then it could help you to stand out from the crowd of applicants!

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