20 English Language Dissertation Ideas for International Students

Being a student from a different country, you are naturally interested in the foreign culture, mentality and communication. And if you get a chance to write an academic paper, especially a language dissertation, you can consider yourself lucky – writing a dissertation is tough, but when you have a subject that you’re interested in (like the English language), it makes the process much easier and more pleasant.
That’s why we’ve come with a list of 20 English language dissertation ideas for you to consider when making up your mind about the topic. We’ve tried hard to choose the most interesting ones, so be sure to check them out.
And one more thing: before making up your mind, take a minute and read about each attractive issue to ascertain yourself that you are really into the topic. This way, you’ll make the right choice.
Buzzwords of the American Media: Their Origin and Lifespan
The Impact of Immigration Waves on the English Language in the USA
Netiquette vs Cell Phone Etiquette
Psychotherapeutic Effects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Gender Differences in Communication (Based on TV Shows/Movies)
Sexist Language in Public Speaking
English Language Engineering and Its Future
(Your Native) Language Attitude in the Environment of English Speakers
English Language Variations and Their Most Distinctive Features
How International Students Acquire the English Language Skills: Psycholinguistic Aspects
The Influence of Globalization on the Linguistic Practices of the Youth
The Most Popular Linguistic Myths about English
Smiling Voice Perception and Production
Difficulties of Learning English for (Your Nationality) People
The Role of Non-Verbal Communication for People Speaking Different Languages
Negative Impact of Texting on the English Language
The Connection between the English Language and Cultural Identity
The Language of Advertising in the XXI Century
The Peculiarities of Hate Speech in the United States
The Concept of the Non-Standard English Language
After selecting a compelling topic, you need to find out everything about dissertation writing in your university. It’s likely to differ from paper writing in your native country, and moreover, in the USA some rules vary from university to university. So, make sure you clear up all details not to get downgraded for some structural flaws.
While writing a dissertation, make sure you use trustworthy resources and base your arguments on reliable facts. Also don’t forget to check your paper for plagiarism because even if you haven’t copy-pasted anything, there is such a notion as accidental plagiarism. In some educational institutions, it is also considered as unethical, and there may be serious consequences.
All in all, just be sure you are interested in the topic. This way you’ll find time and all the necessary efforts in you to conduct high quality, deep research. Your paper will really be worth reading, and maybe the feeling of accomplishment will inspire you to continue exploring the issue.

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