3 Questions to Ask of your Writing Software

When the night grows late, and you have an essay assignment due for class, you may find yourself online doing a desperate Google search for “essay help” or “essay writing software” in the hopes that the internet will provide you with a seemingly magical solution to your research paper or term paper woes. Various different essay writing apps will pop up in your search, and you will likely find essay writing software there to provide you with help on your essays.

The big question, then, becomes not “can I get essay help?” but rather “what is the correct essay help?” If you make a mistake and choose the wrong solution, you may just find yourself in worse trouble than you think.
As Dr. Rueban Balasubramaniam, one of our co-founders and a tenured law professor wrote in his blog on “grade shock,” students may find themselves in this stressful “night before” situation and make a bad choice and plagiarize, which means that they’ll either find content online and try to pass it off as their own or hire a ghost writer online to do the work for them.
Both cases are dead wrong. You rob yourself of learning the important skills, and you risk your academic career.
But you know all of that.
Sometimes, however, in the late night before an essay assignment is due, all you care about is getting your academic essay completed. Whether the essay help you get in order to finish is legitimate or not, is far less important than finishing it. 
So if you find yourself looking for essay help through an online essay builder software or an essay helper, ask yourself these 3 QUESTIONS to see if the essay help you’ve found is likely to be considered cheating or plagiarism:
Does the software offer to write the essay for you?
Are you paying someone to write your essay for you?
Are you buying a pre-written essay? 
If your answers to those questions are YES, then the solution you’ve found to your essay writing needs, just might be more trouble than it’s worth. Don’t use the solution provided, and keep working.
If your answers to the above questions are NO, then ask your self the next 3 QUESTIONS to be on the safe side:
Does the software or the essay writing tips seem to be sponsored by a university or college?
Are there testimonials not just from happy customers, but from educational institutions or instructors?
Is the software created by people who are known to be educators?
If your answers to those questions are YES, then you are probably safe. Most universities and colleges have excellent writing centres that offer tips, guidance, and help when it comes to essay writing. Our own solution, EssayJack, has been recognised by the British Council as an excellent resource for essay structuring and was created by two professors, and there are other solutions to help you with essay writing out there that are similarly well-regarded. 
Make sure that you check the details of the solution you are turning to in order to ensure that it is a solution, not a problem.
Oh…and good luck with that essay!

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