5 Amazing Speech Hooks to Grab Your Audience’s Attention

The most important section of any speech is usually the beginning as it sets the basic foundation for the rest of your presentation. As an international student you are required to make presentations or speeches before the faculty, professors or fellow students. In this case you have to create a first impression as a strong and entertaining presenter. Using speech hooks while starting your presentation is an extraordinary way of immediately capturing your audience’s attention.Speech hooks are the provocative statements or any other mind capturing tools that are mostly used to start a presentation. But which one to choose? Look through these brilliant 5 speech hooks and select the one that best suits you and your audience.
Personal Story
A personal story or sharing a personal experience introduces you as a presenter and gives a personal touch to the material that you are delivering. As a Chinese student, you can start by giving an interesting story about your traditions that is related to the topic you are about to present. This way the audience is interested and concentrates on your topic. The aim here is to be a little bit funny and endearing at the same time.
There are topics that are best explained without using words but by using videos and graphics. For instance, instead of giving a speech about how a certain product works you can present a video to the audience through a projector. Excellent graphics that are interesting to watch and that complement your speech are especially useful for technical topics that may be a little difficult to explain with just instructional sentences. Use of multimedia comes in handy during such situations.
Rhetorical Questions
Asking a series of rhetorical questions is one of the most common speech hooks to capture your audience’s attention. A rhetorical question accompanied with brief moments of silence is likely to stimulate your audience’s mind as they ponder over the answers to your questions. This focuses their attention on your presentation and actually understanding what you are saying.
A good and relevant joke is one of the best speech hooks you can use in your speech. Your audience is likely to be attentive listening to your presentation and expecting more of the humor to come by. Additionally, when you get your audience to laugh you feel more confident and the audience will feel more comfortable.
Belief Statements
The audience will always have an opinion about a certain subject. Listening to someone who agrees or disagrees with their opinion acts as an attention grabber. It is important that you have a controversial opinion in your presentation to use it as a speech hook. Everyone in your audience will concentrate in order to hear your reasoning.It is important for you to have speech hooks not only at the beginning but throughout your presentation. You should also be logical, relevant and reasonable while inserting them into your presentation. You do not want to offend your audience by making fun of their religious beliefs, making racial statements or any other offending details. So, be careful and interesting at the same time.

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