5 Reasons to Cut out Your “Why Do I Have to Do My Homework” Outcries

Homework is one of the most important components of learning. It is one of the inexpensive methods of improving your academic performance without the need to increase teaching staff or modifying the curriculum. However, homework is fighting for students’ attention against some tough competition.
 Chinese students, just like a majority of other international students, are not excited once they are assigned with some tasks to do at home and they end up wondering “Why do I have to do my homework?”. This can be attributed to the availability of other far more exciting options such as parties, social media, texting and just going out. Despite all these entertainments, if you are a Chinese student studying in the USA, you need to know these 5 reasons of why you must do your homework regularly because you surely want to succeed in your life.

1. You Learn the Basics of Time Management
By doing and submitting your homework on time you are able to develop time management skills. You will be able to start balancing your time between studying and carrying out other leisure activities. This way, you will learn the value of self-discipline and responsibility by refraining yourself from involving in procrastination before completing your assignments.
2. You Develop Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
There is a massive amount of information available that you, as a student, are supposed to filter in order to come up with important and helpful content. This is what homework is all about. As a Chinese student in the US you have to develop and apply critical thinking skills when facing complex problems. This way, you will be able to ask relevant questions and think critically before making decisions both in academic life and personal affairs.
3. Extra Study Makes You Extra Employable
Homework provides you with an opportunity to learn and gain new skills that you probably may not be taught in class. Therefore, as a graphic designer or an engineer or in any other profession, you will need to write a business plan or a report at one point. This virtue of having different skills places you in a better position while searching for a job. If you decide to follow the “why do I have to do my homework” attitude, you will lack the knowledge that you are supposed to have.
4. You Get to Know What “Responsibility” Is
Homework, if taken positively, is one way through which you are made more responsible for your education. Assignments help you study beyond what you have been taught in school allowing for a deeper and wider understanding of the topics assigned. This way, school hours are put into good use as professors will take less time in teaching a particular topic.
5. You Find out How to Set Priorities
In most institutions, you are likely to be provided with multiple homework assignments. This instills in you the skill of prioritizing activities. You are able to decide and plan how to execute all the assignments before the deadline. Apart from discipline, this prepares you as a Chinese student for the job market where you are supposed to multitask by performing several duties.
If you are not assigned with homework in school, you are likely not to adapt to the regular workload that is usual in the current job market. Thus, homework is beneficial as it positively impacts your learning as well as your future.

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