6 Creative Writing Colleges in California with Out-of-State Tuition Fees under $40 K

It is difficult to find a decent educational institution in the USA if you are an international student looking for affordable studying options, as the tuition fees are usually much higher for out-of-state learners than for the domestic ones. Moreover, it seems like mission impossible when you dream about California – the most expensive American state with the highest cost of living. However, this is also a place with the most developed economy, an epicenter of the Western American culture and a state with the most popular cities all over the world: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San-Diego, Sacramento, etc.
So, if you set a goal to find quite an affordable university with a creative writing course in this region, you will succeed, as we did. We found six creative writing colleges in California with tuition fees for international students under $40 000. So, let’s have a look at them.

California Baptist University

Location: RiversideTuition: $30 384
There you can get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the domain of creative writing, but before, that you will practice your skills in writing poetry and fiction, complete a publishable project, try other various genres of writing as well as editing, proofreading, and publishing.

Notre Dame de Namur University

Location: BelmontTuition: $32 608
This university gives you a chance to obtain a Master’s degree in English that covers literature and creative writing. The professors there focus on the theory of literature as well as different approaches to analyzing literary works. As for writing itself, the course includes practice in drama, lyric and narrative.

Holy Names University

Location: OaklandTuition: $35 666
Throughout the course in the Holy Names University (which is very small – only 1000 students), you will have an opportunity to have a shot at prose writing, fiction creation, and verse writing.

Mount Saint Mary’s University

Location: Los AngelesTuition: $35 944
The MFA from Mount Saint Mary’s University is for you if you want to become a specialist in novel writing, short story composing, playwriting or non-fiction creation. The course lasts two years and is suitable for working students because the schedule is very flexible.

University of California, Irvine

Location: IrvineTuition: $37 960
The university keeps the MFA in creative writing small in order to provide students with a high-quality education. If you enroll to UCI, you’ll have a chance to experience one-to-one consultations with real professionals and gain maximum knowledge.

University of California, Riverside

Location: RiversideTuition: $38 235
In this university, you can receive both BA and MFA in creative writing. The course consists of numerous workshops and practical training which are aimed at developing skills in poetry, fiction, drama and nonfiction writing.
These colleges offer you degrees in creative writing and have affordable tuition fees for international students. Just browse through their websites, read their programs, and you will be able to objectively choose the most suitable university for yourself. We wish you good luck with that!

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