Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

Selecting argumentative essays topics on education is always engaging since essays of such type allow discovering a load of useful information on educational processes, roles, and concepts. Topics might be related to the range of contradictory issues which depend on the subject and field of interest. The educational items and patterns might be discussed in the context of various life domains such as economy, politics, gender studies, religion, culture. Selecting the definite theme, the student should take the strong position on the topic and provide evidence to support the argument. Below is the example of the properly written argumentative essay topic on education that appeals to the reader and persuades the audience due to solid arguments and clues.
Should People Go to College?
The valuable role of higher education is practically underlined in each sphere of life so that people conform to society going to college. The certificate of higher education allows acquiring the range of skills, cultivating intelligence, and finding a rewarding job. Some people consider that not everyone should pursue academic goals since the innate cognitive abilities might prevent students from achieving success in studying process. The large emphasis on the liberal education in colleges might be useless for people who orient to find the job in the technical sphere.
Follow Mainstream or Make Own Choice?
In today terms, students enter colleges because they are forced to correspond to societal norms and standards that might result in academic failure. In the article “Are Too Many People Going to College” by Charles Murray (2008), the author persuades the audience that Americans become obsessed to blend in societal frames even when they do not have natural academic abilities. As a result, the lack of capabilities might lead to experiencing mental problems and even deciding to drop out of college.
Higher Education as Source of Developing Skills
Earning Diploma of Higher Education implies receiving valuable knowledge and expertise that might be useful in the future career. The true meaning of higher education lies in the necessity to improve acquired skills in school, focus on the core theories of the subject and practice the knowledge. Corresponding to the course requirements, a person with the higher degree should be capable of analyzing and evaluating the basic notions, practices, trends to obtain highly paid job.
Higher Education Degree: Myth or Reality?
The main contradiction lies in the necessity to identify whether higher education diploma brings benefits in the employment market. Murray argues that salaries of people with the vocational degree might be even higher in comparison with those who pursue four academic years in college (2008). Students without higher education diploma might also get high positions when they are proficient at their field of work. In the colleges, educational curriculum is not always structurally organized so that students could not focus on the core subjects.
Current tendency of getting the diploma about higher education gains in popularity so that people enter colleges due to indoctrination. The contemporary educational system might face challenges to meet students’ needs and concentrate on monetary issues. Higher education is of utmost importance to pursue academic goals and achieve success in future career path. Each person should make own choice regardless of societal stereotypes in making decision whether entering college or not.
References:Murray, C. (2008, September 8). Are Too Many People Going to College?. AEL Retrieved May 24, 2017, from

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