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Performance Art Movement
To begin with, the performance art is among the most complex, complicated to perceive, and at the same time, approachable art movements. It stands out of all other genres and directions due to the fact that it is developed live; the audience is able to witness all aspects and elements of this art piece and, as a result, to establish a tight connection with an artist.
According to the art experts, some of the first pieces of this movement appeared in the 16th century, when American poets presented their writings to people in public places by drawing their poems, hanging them, and singing. Today, the performance art is one of the most popular and acknowledged art movements even though it was not widely known and accepted until the 1960s. Its significant development is usually associated with the pieces of Yoko Ono and other underground artists like Chris Burden and Yves Klein. In fact, their works are considered as the most meaningful for the development of this movement; these are Cut Piece by Yoko Ono, and The Anthropometries of the Blue Period by Klein, and Shoot by Chris Burden.
Basing on these works and further pieces introduced by other artists, experts point out such critical characteristics and key ideas of this movement as:
the combination of various art genres like the dramatic art, music, visual art, and sculpture in one piece of performance art;
the use of an artist’s body as the key tool and base for the performance;
a high level of involvement of the audience in the performance that appears due to the live manner of development of the piece.
It should be noted that the performance art can be notably challenging for the audience to watch, as, in these pieces, artists often display unpleasant and disputable aspects of the social life trying to attract the public attention to these issues. A great example of such piece is the already mentioned performance Cut Piece by Yoko Ono in which she pointed out such significant problem of the modern society as the disrespectful treatment of the female body that is often seen not as a person but as an object. Notably, the audience played a significant role in the development of this piece as every viewer participated in the process of the artist’s body unveiling and, thus, was able to feel the responsibility for every similar event.
All in all, the performance art is one of the most popular and well-developed modern art movements that started with the live presentations of the poetry. The great meaningfulness of it is caused by the significant personal engagement of an artist and his or her tight connection with the audience that appears because of the live way of presenting such pieces.

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