Biomedical Research Topics

To begin with, it is difficult to overestimate the meaningfulness of the biomedical research sphere due to the fact that it is focused on the human health and studies various illnesses, disorders, causes, and possible cures; thus, it includes a great number of diverse biomedical research topics. Nowadays, this field is incredibly wide and inclusive, and, as follows, it can appear to be troublesome for one to orientate in and successfully decide on the biomedical research topics for one’s study or work. Therefore, the provided explanation of the most significant fields covered by the biomedical research will be notably helpful in choosing the right biomedical research topics.
First of all, there is a need for highlighting the fact that the biomedical research is considerably different from the biomedicine as these studies often get confused. The biomedical research is focused on the human illnesses and biological processes connected with them in some ways, while the second named science is aimed at the development of the technological aspect of the medicine.
As follows, the most meaningful aspects and types of the biomedical research include:
basic research that is aimed at the innovative and in-depth study of the processes that take place in the living organisms;
applied research that is conducted for the confined and specific purposes that usually include a solution of a concrete problem such as a search for an effective medical treatment for a disease;
in vitro research (“in the glass”) that takes place in laboratories and usually studies microorganisms and other objects that cannot be researched in other conditions;
ex vivo research (“out of the living”) that is also conducted in laboratories and through the experiment, studies living cells or tissues that are used for creating the model of the entire organism that they were taken of and replace it in the research;
in vivo research (“in the living”) that studies the organism of the living creature and, similarly to the previous type, uses the experimental method;
pre-clinical trials that search for new methods of the biomedical research, diagnosis, and treatment and are conducted with the involvement of the non-human animal models;
clinical trials that use the results of the previous stage of the biomedical research, take place in clinics or other medical institutions, and involve human volunteers; they are aimed at the checking the developed treatment’s effectiveness and safety.
Taking into consideration the aforementioned, one can assume that there are numerous topics in all the named types of the biomedical research. To be more precise, in the field of the basic research, one can study the processes that take place in a living organism during a certain disease, for example, the cancer; as follows, in the sphere of the applied research, one can focus on the existing treatments that can be applied to this illness and the processes of their development. Similarly, there are specific topics in the in vitro research field such as the microorganisms that appear or suffer the most from a disease, in the ex vivo research like the process of taking a cell out of the organism, and in all others.

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