Can’t Choose the Topic for Your Personal Essay? Look What We’ve Got for You

Writing a college essay is not a walk in the park. Based on those five hundred words, you get inspected, your dreams are judged and your personality is assessed by your professors.
However, this is not even the most daunting part. What actually is more intimidating is choosing the perfect topic for your personal essay, which is the focal point. Since there is a world of topics ahead of you, choosing the topic which is unique and interesting at the same time, is certainly not an easy task.

Here are some tips in order to guide you to choose the ideal topic for your college essay.
The First Step to Everything – BRAINSTORM
Yes, you have heard this before. No, it never gets old.
Without brainstorming you cannot possibly move forward. Understanding yourselves, your interests, surroundings etc. can help you decide on a list of subjects you can write about. This list can include anything that pops in your mind or inspires you, whether it is about your pet, your neighbor who bakes cookies or your aspirations and dreams. No matter how broad or absurd the topic seems, you write it down.
After you have come up with the list, you can evaluate and assess each personal essay topic and narrow it down.
Steer Clear from Conventional Topics
Each year, the professors read thousands of essays from their students. Therefore, it is not easy to seize their attention if your essay topic follows the same theme as the majority of the students. Professors are interested in something unique and individual, which grabs their attention and doesn’t let go.
Though there is nothing wrong in writing about your goals, aspirations and your plans to change the world in ten years, they tend to be clichés; these topics are being covered for the past 30 years or so. The professors are humans and they would prefer to read something that stands out from the crowd.
There is a whole range of other topics. What you need to know is that your topic must have a creative angle to it.
Do not Brag
No one likes braggers. Understand that your topic doesn’t need to be about something orchestrated or invented by you. The professors are smart and intuitive beings (otherwise, how could they be professors?), they can decipher when you are exaggerating or lying through your teeth about some experience you just couldn’t happen to have. But it doesn’t mean you can’t “decorate” your essay. Just a little bit.
Review Your Chosen Topic
After deciding on the topic you are going to write about, it is important that you review it before moving on any further. You need to make certain that the topic is within your grasp and not something you cannot handle. Verbalizing ideas loudly might help you decide on the best essay choice.
10 Sample Personal Essay Topic Ideas
Here are some of the topics you can consider for your college application essay:
Describe a favorite character from your favorite classic.
What is your take on culture and religion?
Discuss your experience as you evolved from a child to an adult.
Who is your ideal historical figure? Why?
Share and discuss your favorite memory of your grandparents.
Education or Experience? What is more important today? Why?
Describe a place or a person that makes you content.
Discuss your understanding of success, failure and what’s in between.
Describe the first pet you ever got.
Discuss a time when a stranger changed your perspective on something.
Note: Make sure the topic is something you can write about. At the end of the day, there is no point in choosing a good topic if you cannot write a good essay on it.
Choose carefully and write excellent college papers!

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