Gone are the Days of Having to Stare at a Blank Screen!

A blank canvas. It can be an exciting prospect if you’re an artist and there are no rules, you can fill the canvas with your imagination’s strangest, wildest, weirdest, most beautiful ideas.

But a blank screen? When you’re a student in school, college, or university, with an assignment due, and feel that you do not have a flair for the written word, what do you fill the blank screen with? It becomes daunting and a source of persistent anxiety.
Millions of students face that blank screen as they finally settle down, after bouts of procrastination attending to other seemingly more pressing priorities, to start and finish in the same sitting (fingers crossed) a writing assignment. Luckily, at least your teacher, professor or test prep book has set you some topic to write about, which means you have some, if only minimal, direction.
EssayJack understands that giving anyone, let alone a student like yourself, an empty Microsoft Word Document or a Google Doc page with the instruction to write a 1,500 word argumentative essay on some obscure topic can be intimidating. A blank screen prolongs the agony of beginning an essay, gives rise to doubts about how to start and what to write about, and makes a boring topic even more uninteresting. Despite some of anxiety you are feeling or how fascinating or bone-dry an assignment is, you desperately need to move past the blank screen, and get the essay done.
So we threw out the blank screen and created this:

Would that feel less intimidating? At least with EssayJack, there’s an option to skip past the blank screen and get straight to writing with one of our templates. There are a few things about our EssayJack template that may have piqued your interest such as the drop-down list of sentence starter, the tips and prompts.
The sentence starters can be lifesavers. If you’re anxious about a blank screen, you’re more than likely to be over-thinking the opening sentence of your assignment and what the best way is to start it off. For most, this little bit of inspiration can give them a leg-up to cracking the mental block that they may be facing. What also helps alleviate anxiety are the constant list of tips, prompts, and videos for each section and sub-section of your essay. So instead of vomiting all the ideas and research, you had in your head or in your notebook about the topic, on to the blank screen,  EssayJack teases the ideas out of you to go from a blank screen to a screen full of your own thoughts and ideas structured according to the assignment you’ve been given.

You can quickly see that guidance from award-winning professors who built the platform replace a blank screen. But there’s something more that you can’t see in these screen captures, and that is the artificial intelligence (AI) built in to EssayJack which keeps you focused and on course to completing your essay.   
In a regular Word Document, you will repeatedly find yourself with faced with the vast empty space below the last sentence that was written. Besides the tips, prompts, and sentence starters, EssayJack uses AI to identify your topic sentence and thesis statements and brings these details to your attention in the relevant sections for you to: 1) ensure that you don’t veer off focus; and 2) to ensure that points you make are logically consistent and are in line with what you’re meant to be writing about.
Now that beats a blank screen!
For the most part, writing assignments in school are/were meant to strengthen your understanding of different formats of writing, how logical thinking, argumentation, or storylines are meant to flow. Along with the mastery of the structure comes the understanding of key phrases to use and questions to always think about when struggling to start and plough through any piece of writing. Yet, writing when you are uninspired, at any level, master or not, can sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Facing a blank screen certainly exacerbates this feeling.
Since, you’ve already got a free-trial, why not give EssayJack a try for your next assignment and see if it helps reduce anxiety brought about by that vast empty white space of a Word Document?

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