Middle school: Learn to write your first blog

Did you know the essay-writing you learn in school can easily be adapted to blog writing? The skills of being able to explain and describe something that teachers teach around the world when they teach essay-writing skills are actually the same skills you need to become “blog famous”. Let’s show you how.

The building blocks of a good blog
What are the building blocks of a good blog? Actually, they’re are the same that go into building a good, short essay – introduction, body, and conclusion. 
INTRODUCTION: What goes into the introduction? That’s simple: the topic, the hook, and the thesis statement. This is the big idea you want to talk about, why it’s important or interesting, and what exactly are you trying to convince the reader of. 
BODY: How about the body; what goes there? Also, simple, the body part of your mini-essay or blog is where you put your examples to help explain whatever your main point or thesis statement is. Since this is a blog you can also use images and videos. 
CONCLUSION: Okay, what about the conclusion; what do you put there? The conclusion is the part of your mini-essay or blog where you sum up your most important part and say why it matters. Keep your reader thinking about what you’ve written, wanting more, or simply agreeing that yes, you are right or have a valid point. 
Yup, it’s that simple. 
Now to see if it works!
First, let’s read some examples of good blogs. Here are a couple that we like: “Practical ways to improve your essay writing” and “Here’s How to Write a Blog Post Like a Professional”. If you want to challenge yourself more, here’s one that is little more advanced, “Beginning. Middle. End.” (Don’t let the title fool you!). While you’re reading or skimming see if you can spot how the introduction-body-conclusion format of essay writing can really be used for blogs. Which part is the introduction? Which ones are the body  paragraphs? What is the conclusion? Here’s an additional challenge – think about how you could improve these blogs!
Second, after you’ve read some good blogs that use the essay-format all you have to do is start writing a blog for yourself! So pick a topic (anything that you feel you want to write about) and let’s get going. Fill out the boxes below following the instructions* and write your first blog! 

Finally, go and share your blog with someone! If you’re shy, just share it with your family. If you’re proud of what you’ve written share it with your friends or us on social media. 
What’ll make you a better writer? Just keep on writing. You might be at home or learning long distance or just doing activities to get better…but no matter where you are, you can always practice your writing online or offline!
And you know what they say: Practice makes perfect!
*You don’t have to add in your email address here. Only if you want what you write to be emailed back to you. Otherwise, just fill in the boxes to practice writing blogs.

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Useful samples and examples: https://essays.io/resume-examples-samples/

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