Money back guarantee

Under the refund policy, your money back guarantee is due to be paid in two cases: before approving the paper and after you have pressed the Approve button. Users from the EU are not eligible to repay VAT.

You get 100% repay:

  • In case of double paying the order;
  • No writer was found to write your paper;
  • The paper was not sent due to time.

You are eligible for 90% chargeback:

  • No writer was assigned to your paper and more than half of the time frame has passed.

You can get 70% of your money back if:

  • The writer was found to write your essay and needs compensation, as a writing process involves research.

You are empowered with 50% repay:

  • The Company cannot find a writer for a revision.
  • The writer was provided to your order and half of the time scope has passed.
  • You have to approve your order within seven days, otherlike your order will be approved automatically.
  • In case you are not satisfied with your paper contact our Support agents to solve the problem and describe the reason for your dissatisfaction.
  • Your order will have a dispute status and will be handled within two weeks. Be sure to provide strong reasons to ask for a refund unless it will be annulled.
  • If you have got a printable version of the paper and pressed the Approve button you are not empowered with any money back.
  • Remember that you have only a week to send your paper for revision.
  • Check your paper for content, authenticity, spelling and grammar mistakes before approving the order.
  • does not take any responsibility for any grade a customer may get and does not guarantee any special grade for the paper.
  • Once you have asked for a full refund, you are not empowered to use your paper. It is the property of the Company. can publish your essay as a sample and it will be detected by any plagiarism software. It is done to ensure the writer’s copyright and compensate his or her work and effort.