Top 2017 Colleges with Creative Writing Majors in the USA

So, you want to opt for a creative writing major in the USA. This is a great choice and it doesn’t matter what you really want to do with it – becoming a writer, doctor or engineer – it will be useful in the everyday life because you learn to express your thoughts and opinions. But returning to the career of a writer, you should know that an average salary for this field ranges from $40 000 to $90 000/year.
There are a lot of possibilities for a degree holder like that, especially in marketing and advertising spheres. So, if you are really interested in these domains, check out the list of top 2017 colleges with creative writing majors for international students.

Location: Winter Park, Florida
In this university you can get a BFA or MFA on creative writing for entertainment. This course is directed at developing writing skills for media platforms, implementing visual details and as well as plunging into different genres like horror, tragedy, mystery, comedy, etc. It will help to create your own portfolio, provide you with workshops like reviewing television scripts and improve various writing techniques. Full Sail University is open for international students, has financial aid and enough facilities for ESL learners.

Location: Los Angeles, California
In UCLA you can acquire a degree in English with creative writing concentration. The course offers a diversified program of practical lessons that involve writing on different topics. It covers the English literature from 1500 till present, includes gender and racial studies and touches upon critical theory. The course will likely involve capstone seminars and projects. UCLA doesn’t provide international students with any financial aid, but the scholarships are always an option.

Location: Iowa City, Iowa
Gaining a diploma in English and creative writing in the University of Iowa, an international student will learn different periods of the English literature and explore the connection between creative writing, critical reading and translation. It has a great centre for international students (ISSS – International Student and Scholar Services) that provides support in all the issues concerning immigration, studies and adaptation. The University of Iowa also offers scholarships for first-year and transfer foreign students.

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
MIT is a university known worldwide for its technical specializations. But there is also a creative writing major that presupposes acquiring writing skills in a certain genre (e.g. poetry, fiction, etc.). It actually gives the opportunity to dig deeper in a chosen direction without wasting time on learning something a student doesn’t need. So, it’s good for those international students who know what exactly they want.
There are a lot of opportunities out there. It’s just necessary to determine what you would want to obtain with a degree in creative writing, and conduct a good research. And voila – you’re ready to become a creative writing major.

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