Unique Countries to Go to Learn English for ESL Students

Nowadays, we are living in a huge global community. We have many long roads open wide for us! Whether you’d like to study or travel abroad, to explore the unknown or experience whatever makes you come alive, you’re welcome to set off straight away! What a great time we live in, don’t you think? However, if you’re curious about studying in the world-renowned colleges, the first thing to keep in mind that you’ll have to study in English. The reality is that English is the universal language and many of the top reputed schools provide courses in English alone. And you have to deal with it, like it or not.
So, your English is not good enough and you feel like improving it at any cost. The best possible way to boost both the writing and speaking skills is though diving into the English native speaking environment. Without a doubt, the US, Australia or the UK are the countries that make you tick, but even with the grants, the life in the elite countries is still very expensive for the average budget. Don’t despair! The world is big enough to provide you with the other excellent destinations, which offer interesting courses to learn English at pocket-friendly rates.
South Africa
There’s no need to be limited with the popular English speaking nations when choosing your point of destination. English is one of the official languages in a former British colony and is widely used by the people. South Africa is a perfect choice for those, who are on the lookout for a great mix of studies and matchless African experience. Have you ever dreamt about going on a safari or enjoying the golden beaches looking at the Atlantic Ocean?
The Netherlands
Even though Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands, the locals use English in their everyday life as well. The reason behind it is quite simple – the English language is an integral part of the local college curriculum, so you’ll have no problem with conducting casual conversations. In other words, you’re not going to face the language barrier throughout the academic year in the Netherlands, the land of cheese and bicycles!
Don’t scroll down! As weird as it sounds, one of the most reputed European language schools is located exactly in this country. The small island provides great options to boost your English and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea warmth you’ll never forget! A warm climate, hot sandy beaches…What more could you dream about?
Larnaca and Episkopi are the key study destinations in the famous sea resort, where the language courses typically cost near $2000. Mind that the price covers everything except for the travel costs. While staying there, feel free to visit the land of Aphrodite and Hercules. Cyprus is located right near sunny Greece!
According to the Policy Research Brief produced by the National Council of Teachers of English, ESL are the fastest growing part of the student population in the US.  However, even though a move to the US or the UK is quite tempting, Cyprus, Belize, The Philippines, New Zealand and many other places on earth are 100% worthy alternatives to the lands that are powerful on a global basis.

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