Wait, do you really need that essay writing service?

Procrastination turns into cheating
You’re sitting there with a massive 1,500 word essay due tomorrow and you’re probably feeling confused, annoyed, overwhelmed or even anxious. You do everything you can to prepare yourself to write what will be an epic essay (well, at least you hope so!).
Coffee? Check.
Some YouTube video with music that’s good for focus? Check.
A quiet spot in the library on campus? Check.
Phone on silent? Check. 
Okay, let’s do this! Good thing you’ve done all your research already (or have you?), and you have copious summaries on the subject matter and bookmarked web pages for reference.
Forty-five minutes later you’ve got one, maybe two, lines. And then back to feeling frustrated with thoughts bouncing back and forth between, “Why didn’t I start this earlier?” and “Okay, I can do this, just need to pull an ‘all nighter’”…


Now you’re frazzled and stuck somewhere in the mindspace of “I can do this” and “I can’t do it”. Then another hopeless forty-five minutes passes. You diagnose yourself with writer’s block. Now what? Your mind starts wondering to: “I wish I could just get someone to write this for me…” at which point you find yourself typing ‘essay writing services’ or ‘I need help with my essay’ into a Google search. There’s light at the end of this tunnel! “I can, just this one time, pay someone to write this essay for me, right?”
It’s easy to get carried away especially with the highly competitive nature of education these days – from primary all the way to university – all many parents expect are good grades. But how do you balance your extracurriculars, a part-time job on campus, your fun time going out, four or five classes per semester and of course, your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? How do you find time and space to sit down and write a lengthy essay without distractions. And when you do do find the time to do it, probably at 3am on a Tuesday morning, you realise you have a bunch of ideas but you don’t know where to start!
Naturally, the panic, fear and pressure catches up and you teeter on the edge of buying an essay recommended by a Google Ad or you resort to thinking about copying and pasting chunks of papers you’ve found during your research, rephrasing them and pulling it all together. In fact, a recent study by Times Higher Education in Australia found that “about one in 17 students admits to some sort of cheating”. Yes, you read right. Cheating. Hiring an essay service to write for you is considered cheating too.
Getting Essay Help
Let’s say that you don’t want to cheat. You don’t want to be guilty of plagiarism.
What are your other options now that you’re stuck trying to write this essay?
Well, the first would probably to speak to your professor and admit that you waited till the eleventh hour at which point you broke down and cried “writer’s block”, and ask for an extension. The second would be to seek their consultation on how best to work through the ideas that you have for your essay, and with their guidance structure an essay that could possibly end your anxiety attack.
What else? You could also try out the services of EssayJack. A platform that helps you structure your essay. Not write it for you. But help you structure it, with guidelines on how to write various types of essays, with tips and prompts that walk you through what you should be addressing at each stage of the essay. And sentence by sentence you build your 1,500 word essay in no time. So, stay away from essay writing services, get started early, and use your college support system and the right services to put off essay writing anxiety forever.
Okay, sales pitch over…now get back to writing that essay! 

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