Why Study Business or 4 Reasons to Attend a Business School

Attending a business school has long been considered as an investment for the future. You could be asking yourself “Why study business?”. A degree from a business school offers you the skills that are likely to enable you to succeed in most situations in various areas of life. In order to get a job in one of the great companies or workplaces, you are going to need a business degree for you to be hired.
 In business schools you can opt for pursuing different business elements ranging from finance, banking, management to marketing, information systems, etc. As a Chinese student you can combine your business course with other subjects that may interest you such as science, law, social work, engineering, or arts. The skills and knowledge that you obtain from your business school are a great foundation to many careers both inside and outside the business world. Here are 4 good reasons why to study business in a business school.

1. You Get Well Rounded Skills and Knowledge in Business
A business school makes you an expert in management and other business areas. As a Chinese student studying in a US business school, you are likely to develop deep interest in different business subjects such as economics, marketing, accounting, business strategy, finance or organizational behavior. By the time you complete your business studies you will have acquired a great understanding of almost if not all major business functions. In the US, less than 20% of the population holds a degree from a business school. This places you as a Chinese business graduate in an esteemed position in the business world.
2. You Develop Leadership Skills
Chinese students with a business degree from a US business school already possess strong leadership skills. Most employers and organizations both in China and the US value individuals who portray leadership and problem solving capabilities which are the core subjects in a business degree. This is another important reason why to study business in a business school.
3. You Improve Networking Skills
A business course in a business school can be compared to a large networking event. During your time pursuing a business course you are likely to cultivate and develop vast business relationships and connections, with fellow Chinese students and other nationalities that you may contact in future. These networks may include individuals working in capital firms, suppliers, business analysts, bankers, etc.
4. You Have Chances of Pursuing an MBA
As a Chinese student with a degree from a US business school you have better chances of applying and being accepted for an MBA. An MBA gives you an opportunity to get better paying positions as well as provides you with an access to career opportunities that are usually off limits to Chinese students without a business degree. Among the top industries that have been known to recruit Chinese MBA graduates include investment banking, management consultancy and private equity.
 In conclusion, before asking the ‘why study business?’ question, Chinese international students should be aware that enrolling in a business school provides them with enormous advantages mentioned above. In case you do not want to venture into the business world, a course in business will provide you with incredible skills that may serve important functions in multiple careers.

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