11 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July with Your College Friends

1 July 2014

College friends are planning their 4th of July fun, festivities and classic American festivals with spirit this time of year! If you’re here, you’re digging for ideas. Well, in this post you’ll find 11 of the best.
And listen, America needs your patriotism. No doubt. We all know that. Hell, the entire modern world knows that. America is going through an incredibly trying period right now after prolonged economic fallout and war fatigue. Please, make it a point to celebrate our nation’s history and rich heritage. You are, or you can be, we can be…Independent!
Let freedom reign.
1. Hold a Legendary BBQ!
Hot dogs, hamburgers, briskets and brats…oh my! You can get outside (weather permitting of course), fire up the grill and gather around a few tables with friends. If possible, head out super-early and secure a spot in a park overlooking a fireworks display. Speaking of which…
2. Go and Watch a Mega Fireworks Display
Listen, even if you guys have to pool some gas money and road trip it, maybe now is the time to see one of the biggest, boldest and loudest iconic American fireworks displays? Just Google it dude! There’s tons of them.
Here’s a few of the more notable:
“America’s Biggest Birthday Party” by the Gateway Arch in St. Lois.
The Addison, Texas, fireworks display.
The event at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois
The 4th of July Barge Battle display in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The Lake Tahoe, California display.
The display around Municipal Pier, San Francisco Bay, California.
The Space Needle display, Seattle, Washington.
3. It’s Patriotic Movie Time!
If there’s going to be a television of some sort around, or in the background, whatever, make sure to have the best patriotic movies rocking. In fact, no one said you can’t just do a dorm movie day, or with someone special…like red white & blue popcorn. Here’s a taste of the most popular ones we’ve all seen:
Forest Gump
Independence Day
The Patriot
Born on the 4th of July
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Saving Private Ryan
Captain America: The First Avenger
4. Host an Epic Patriotic Picnic
Let’s say all the BBQ pits and public grills within miles and all over campus are already taken. That’s fine. Grab a big blanket, put together a bunch of different treats and fingers foods and do a picnic. The idea is to get outside and get into the thick of it with other Americans. The 4th of July is about us.
5. Patriotic Road Trip Time!
Why not head out on a historical road trip to all the most timeless patriotic American destinations. Honestly, it’s something every American should be required to do during their college days. Until Oculus virtual reality headsets become commonplace, you’re going to have to make a road trip out of it. Here’s a sampling:
Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
The Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Statue of Liberty
Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South Dakota
Mount Vernon, Virginia
The Patriotic Path, Boston, Massachusetts
6. Go Join the Nearest Parade
Most cities, even the small ones, hold parades for the 4th of July. If your college town doesn’t have one going on, well, then travel to somewhere that does. These places typically have all kinds of stuff going on; big gatherings, BBQs, fireworks displays, live music, etc.
7. Host a Beach Bonfire Bonanza!
No, we’re not talking a little pit-fire or campfire here. On both the east and west coast there are places where you can either host your own beach bonfire and set off fireworks or join in on one someone else is hosting. Sometimes it’s private property. Sometimes it’s hosted by local organizations or groups. You’ll have to do a bit of digging online and make sure everything is by the book.
8. Throw a Study Session
Oh lord. Yep, get your buddies together, drape yourselves in American flags and study (recite) patriotic writings like The Bill of Rights, The writings of Washington, Lincoln, Franklin, and Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence, The Gettysburg Address, “Ragged Old Flag” by Johnny Cash or Patrick Henry’s Give me Liberty or Give Me Death speech.
9. Get Ridiculously Crafty
There’s literally no end to what kinds of crafts you can make that are covered in red, white and blue. How many different ways can you craft an American flag? You can take something as simple as a regular wooden pallet and paint it to look just like one.
10. Did Someone Say Block Party?
Yeah. Envision a historic college block party that doesn’t get out of hand, but stays peaceful, celebrative, and oozing with inspirational solidarity.
11. Go Nuts With Patriotic Food
Bake a cake and get creative with the icing. Make some red, white and blue pretzels, cookies, fruit plates, parfaits, cupcakes, muffins, popsicles, kabobs, etc.There you have it all you patriotic souls, a slew of ideas for this year’s 4th of July celebration with your college friends. Again, remember, America REALLY needs your patriotism and that American spirit of yours. Let us know how your 4th goes and be safe!

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