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How to Write a Body Paragraph for an Essay
How to Write Essay

How to Write a Body Paragraph for an Essay

In your body paragraph, you need to support your thesis by providing evidence and primary support. Use Transition words to connect ideas within the paragraph. Use Evidence collected to support your thesis and Mini-theses to prove your thesis. Remember to link the mini-theses to the main argument for coherence. Linking conclusions to the main argument does not have to take many words, just a simple subordinate clause.

Primary support

When preparing an essay, the main body should contain one or more paragraphs for primary support. The body paragraphs provide evidence to support your thesis, and they should follow the structure of the thesis statement. The main body of your essay should contain a mix of analysis and substance, as well as supporting assertions. To write a good body paragraph, you must include textual evidence from primary sources.

The primary support is the main points used to support your thesis. This information should be relevant to your topic. You should use examples that illustrate your main argument without straying into irrelevant details. Effective writers avoid straying from the main idea and make sure to choose examples wisely. In addition, citations are important for making sure your reader takes you seriously. Here are some tips for selecting a body paragraph for primary support:

Transition words

Using transition words in your essay will help your readers see connections between the different ideas and sentences within your text. Transition words are often found at the beginning of a paragraph or at the end of a sentence. Using the right words can help your text make logical connections and provide an overall structure. Here are some examples of how to use transition words in your essay. These words will make your essay flow more smoothly and improve reader engagement.

The most effective transitions are those that make connections between ideas and show how they build upon one another. Each subtopic should be clearly linked to the next. It’s also important to mention the old topic first, so that the reader will have a sense of what to expect when they move on to the new topic. For example, “charting” follows the subtopic “patient care.”

Evidence collected to support thesis

During the essay writing process, it is essential to use the right structure. The body paragraphs should support the thesis in some way. It is recommended to start each paragraph with a transitional sentence, which guides the reader into the main point. Next, you should explain the evidence with at least two or three sentences. Finally, you should end each paragraph with a mini-concluding sentence, which sums up the body of your essay.

The body paragraph should begin with a point, typically the topic sentence. It should then contain evidence that supports that point. You can review examples of evidence on our Choosing Sources and Evidence page. When presenting evidence, you should first include an explanation, which is your analysis of the information. Then, you must tie the evidence back to your thesis and point. This way, your evidence is integrated into the argument.

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