13 Hottest College Kids From TV Series

24 June 2014

Get ready to experience one of the hottest line ups of college kid television series actors you’re likely to find online. Enjoy!
«Gossip Girl»
#1: Vanessa Abrams

A sizzling aura, alluring, an exotic young woman and those eyes paired with her raven black hair…Vanessa’s inches from too much.
#2: Chuck Bass

Debonair, malicious charm, and that Wall Street bad boy appeal! This guy makes just about any suit look utterly ground breaking.
#3: Nate Archibald

Is he even human?! It’s like a group of mad scientists got together and created the perfect mix of dangerous modern looks and timeless angelic features.
«Pretty Little Liars»
#4: Toby Cavanaugh

Flat out, Toby has perhaps one of the most interesting faces in existence, perfectly accentuated by that razor sharp chin and those penetrating eyes.
#5: Emily Fields

A melting pot of cultural beauty with a simmering youthful charm that can handle any dress, and win over any situation with her perfectly curated smile.
«Teen Wolf»
#6: Scott McCall

One second he’s the cutest preppy boy ever, then suddenly he transforms himself into a snarling bundle of beefcake!
«One Tree Hill»
#7: Lydia Martin

The sweetest, most luscious slice of carrot cake with legs…mhm mhm mhm girl! Sharp features with that red hear and her big pool-like eyes; so gorgeous.
#8: Lucas Scott

It’s like all the sexiest things about the late 80’s coagulated into a suave and sophisticated frat boy.
«The Carrie Diaries»
#9: Jill “Mouse” Chen

A living, breathing fantasy. At the drop of a hat she can go from sexy nerd to classy Asian sophistication.
#10: Sebastian Kydd

His lips are Adonis-like, he’s tall and a bit lanky but once his smile begins pulling you in you’ll get smoldered into melted butter in seconds.
#11: Navid Shirazi

Savvy, sleek, exotic manliness…hold the phone! Navid is an ambassador of sexy…with a spotless smile and soft complexion.
#12: Naomi Clark

Oh she’s naughty, a ball of molten fire with a great body, legs you could fall asleep holding and a near flawless sense of style-attitude.
«Friday Night Lights»
#13: Tim Riggins

Sigh…short hair looks better…wait no, long. Wait… jeans or suit…too hard! He’s hot in everything he wears and with every look his face is possible of making.
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