Business Analysis Report Sample

Business analysis report sample is utilized by organizations to cover company’s needs and find solutions to specific problems. It is used to implement actions and deliver these decisions to its stakeholders. The process of writing business analysis report sample requires seeking appropriate business literature including scholarly articles and books. The report helps the companies to embrace changes in the context of applying operational improvements, innovations and enhancing adaptation. Constructing business analysis report sample should cover specific points such as the overview of the problem, introductory section, background, aim, limitations, questions, methods, and conclusion.
Writing a business analysis report, it is important to get acquainted with the structure of the report and its aim. The business report describes activities of the company for a certain period, efficiency, performance, both successes and failures, and financial picture. Traditionally, the business report comprises introduction, the main body that subsequently includes various sub- points, and conclusion.
The introduction focuses on the brief background of the company and its activity whereas the main body involves core information about aim and missions, needs, performance, potential limitations, and methods. Finally, one summarizes the information and offers the specific steps to solve the problems described in the body.
Main Body
The main body of the analysis should concentrate not only on the efficiency and performance of the company but it should also propose the specific ways for the company to manage identified problems. Stating the purpose is essential to define further evaluations and analyses that should be made to solve the problem. In the section of limitations, one should discuss and share the possible threats that might occur during the analysis. Then, one is also required to identify questions in the report to address the specific issues. Apart from it, the methods section is also significant to dwell upon the methodology that was used while gathering the data for the report. It may involve different techniques such as surveys, questionnaires, or interview.
The effective way to conduct business report is to do SWOT analysis that is related to identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Carrying out SWOT analysis, one should underline advantages and successes of the company. One is also required to discover disadvantages, possibilities to increase performance, and obstacles.
Business Report Sample
McDonald’s is a global fast food chain that established strong brand and reputation among other restaurants (strength). The main problem concerns developing the unhealthy image, exposing to strong competition, engaging in the legal cases. The restaurant is specialized in offering unbalanced and fatty food that do not meet health criteria (weaknesses). On the contrary, since the fast food industry attracts a lot of customers, the company gets high profits. The company should take more environmental-friendly solutions and integrate them through advertising and marketing. It might also decrease the price of the menu to attract the low income families. The fast food chain might also offer discounts and diversity in the menu to cover tastes of the clients. Adding more healthy ingredients or elaborating some vegetarian menu would increase its better image (opportunities). At last, the company faces the rigid competition and is vulnerable to the public health crisis (threats).

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