Find Out Top Events for Students at the End of October in Bloomington

October 2017 is going to be action-packed in Indiana, and so will November. There are a lot of events lined up for these months, some that have immense academic value. This should be great news for any Indiana University undergrad and other students nearby. More events should mean less monotony and richer learning experiences. Well, that interpretation depends on how you look at things. Nonetheless, you should be able to find this selection of events useful.

Join artist Priya Kambi at the Grunwald Gallery of Art on Thursday, November 2 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM as she talks about the “Kinship” exhibition in depth. “Kinship” utilizes the artwork of 6 globally recognized artists to address the implications of familial heritage and domestic space. The perspectives of these artists help bring out the diverse ways in which people can define or regard family. It becomes clear that perspectives are culturally shaped and have significant personal and political implications. While the exhibition may give you great insights into the role of family ties in shaping cultural identities, the talk by Priya Kambi is a perfect chance to provide you with depth that you couldn’t find from the exhibition itself.

Distinguished Professor Roger Hangarter of the Department of Biology looks at diversity as an essential element and helps you see why. Biological Diversity is a two-part series, with the presentation on Thursday, November 9 (7:00 PM to 8:30 PM) being the second (and final part of the series). The presentation takes place at Myers Hall room 130; 915 E 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47405.
In these presentations, the professor shares compelling movie clips and photographs of the biodiversity of the local region. Attendees are allowed the opportunity to learn about our local biodiversity in its spectacular form that’s unknown to many people. Join the presentation to learn about the richness of the south-central Indiana’s flora and fauna.

On October 26, join filmmaker Louis Stanislaw on WTIU channel 30 from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Let him take you through the challenges of life with epilepsy. Epilepsy directly affects up to three million Americans. It further affects millions of people who are related to the persons living with epilepsy as family members, caregivers, friends or even co-workers. Still, a lot of people barely understand this condition.
The documentary “On The Edge” brings out the alienation, loneliness, stress, and depression that is associated with living with epilepsy. The film director tells the epilepsy stories and shares the experiences of epilepsy patients. You get to learn what it takes to live with epilepsy or to have a relative or friend who is epileptic – the misunderstandings, the difficulties; all of it in one documentary.

Indiana University’s Themester is a program that comprises public lectures, courses, films, exhibits and more. These events engage students and the rest of the Indiana community as a shared learning experience on some kind of urgent matter. There’s always a different topic or angle to the same topic every other fall semester.
But you most likely know all about these. What you don’t know (yet), however, is that there will be a series of small-group deliberations between undergraduates and faculty guests on October 27th for an hour, starting 12:00 PM. The topics of discussion will range from diversity to issues related to difference and otherness. The invited guests can approach these topics from the viewpoint of their own disciplines or occupational perspectives – without a need for any prior preparation.
As is the norm, four to eight registered Themester undergrad students attend and run the discussion alongside one faculty guest in the Indiana Memorial Tudor Room. This happens on select Friday afternoons, and this October won’t be any different.

The former First Lady of Indiana State Judy O’Bannon takes a closer look at the US State of Indiana and its people. Tune in on October 29, 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM to learn about the misconceptions that people hold about this land of Hoosiers. She explores in depth the true nature of Indiana to help you see the contributions that we’re making to the state’s vibrant, rich ethnic and national diversity.
These events are a great opportunity for you to connect what you learn in the classroom to the experiences of everyday life. You may want to attend every one of them to tap into the value they offer.

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