How to Write a Book Review for Kids

In a book review for kids, a critic writer should pay attention, first of all, to the values and feelings of the young readers and, secondly, to the artistic details and moral interpretation. A book review is the textual transfer of thoughts and feelings caused by the book. The aim of the book review for kids is the creation of useful recommendations for the parents. It should quicken children interest in reading the book. The competence in how to write a book review for kids activity promotes the popularity of the successful childhood readings.
It is important to note that every book review for kids should be orientated to the psychology of the children and at the same time consist information and arguments for the adult auditory. The analysis also depends on its aims. For example, it may be written for kids only or to be present at the bookstore presentation to make parents buy it. Moreover, the primary purpose of the book review is to inspire children to read and give them new information about the printing sources.
The following hints establish the basis points of the book review for kids:
In the beginning, it is necessary to specify the name of the author and title of the work.
Then an author should write about the events described in the book.
In the central part of the comment, writer can express personal opinion about the book. He or she can show personal attitude to the book, the main characters, describe the most favorite places in the book and justify reasons for the choice.
Moreover, it is possible to make a characteristic of one or more main heroes. Underlining good deeds of heroes is needed. The text should underline the positive qualities of the characters – their kindness, courage, and express contempt for negative characters, resent their villainy, duplicity, cowardice.
At the end of the review, occurs place to evaluate the literary language and author’s style and cite the example of a favorite passage.
Genuinely interesting book review for kids should obtain the comparison of the book facts and real life. The reviewer can write wishes or advice to children how to behave, tell them what are the main lessons and values of the reading. In a draft form the writer can record every thought and impression. Later this information would be processed into a formal submission.
Every critic should keep in mind the following examples of questions which can help to write the book review for kids:
What is this book about?
What are the theme and the main idea of the book?
What parts of the book make the strongest impression?
Why did the author choose such a title for the work?
Which heroes play positive and negative roles? Why?
What was the core conclusion of the book?
To sum up, the main advises to writing a good book review for kids are orientated both on the expectations of the children and their parents. Finding a balance between information for kids and adults is important. Moreover, the primary purpose of the book review is to involve children in the world of literature and show them the beauty of the printing word. Thus, a proficient reviewer can create a text observation which may change someone’s life.

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