Stories to Write about for English Language Learners

Short stories that you’re required to include to the academic assignments such as essays or reports provide tutors with a great opportunity to evaluate students’ knowledge in a particular area and writing skills. A lot of ESL students have a good vocabulary basis, but they struggle really hard, when it comes to using a real life language. This is where the short stories should be integrated to open up the creative minds of the English language learners as they work on this or that piece of writing.
Employing some short stories to write about for English essays is also a stunning break from a dull, more formal lesson plan. You have a great chance to both practice your writing skills and get your classmates involved in a thrilling way. If you take a look at the thoughts listed below, you’ll have a better idea of how juicy short stories in English should look like. Rather than choosing one to include in your own written assignment, we recommend you to work through each mentioned. Have fun!
Tell the story of a wound, either an emotional or a physical one. According to the well-known Stephen King, the only requirements the author is supposed to meet is “to remember every scar.”
Ghost busters! You shouldn’t call those, of course. But there’s something that Odysseus, Edgar Allan Poe and Aragorn have in common – they all have seen ghosts! Include them into the story of yours to add fuel to the flames.
A poor young man becomes unexpectedly rich. That’s the plot the majority of readers find especially appealing. However, being rich isn’t always good. Sometimes discovering yourself in the middle of wealth may ruin your life completely.
A shy, young woman (Anastasia Steele or Bella Swan to name a few) suddenly bumps into a man of her dreams. When it comes to the movies, they call it “meet cute.” This is the moment, when the hero bumps into a girl (that is definitely not the epitome of female beauty, by the way) in the corridor that forces them to have a conversation.
An unexpected disaster to interrupt a long journey. Something catastrophic happens, when the characters are on their way to the point of destination. Remember “Lord of the Rings”? That’s the problem we’re talking about.
Picking Your Approach to the Theme
Undoubtedly, all college students approach their writing ideas in a different way. Besides, your methods may vary from task to task. Sometimes you decide to write about a certain theme and then you make up a story. At other times, you find the story first and the topic pops up all of a sudden in the process of writing. One way or another, it’s 100% worth putting some ideas into it before you start the long journey of writing out a story.

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