The Cheapest and the Most Expensive Christmas Gifts Made By Students

22 December 2017

Though the date of Christmas is not moveable and no one keeps it in secret, people still don’t buy gifts preemptively, at least, not all of them. We have gathered ideas for Christmas gifts on different budgets in the hope that these ideas will inspire you.
The Cheapest
10 Scores for Wittiness
If you with your friends established Secret Santa budget that doesn’t fit your budget, here’s a way how to go through this. However, you shouldn’t have much expectations about a Christmas gift you’ll get next year.
2 in 1
Looks like this guy is a future politician. He promises not to make worse and this works. This is a very cheap present but you can jeopardize your heritage.
A Box Is a Present Itself, Didn’t You Know?
Boxes, wrapping paper and ribbons cost waaaay too much. It’s a good present because the person can use those boxes and paper for his or her gifts. Besides, you can make it for free if you have been collecting all the boxes and wrapping papers for years.
The Alternative for a Box of Chocolate
An adorable gift for a teacher even though the language should have been more appropriate. To make such a gift, you’ll need $20 for materials and a couple of sleepless nights.
Experiments With Clothes
What Animal Do You Associate You With?
T-shirts that you can wear alternative ways are awesome. This is a nice present for your friend that by the was is not expensive.
The World Should Know Your Friend Better
Making fun of your friends is one of the ways to say how much you love them. I think the author of this present thought this way. Now, he should be prepared for the revenge that can come any time.
You Are Limited Only By Your Imagination…And Drawing Skills
Even Homer is shocked how nice this guy managed to paint shoes. However, this is not about the Simpsons. This about making not expensive gifts appear more valuable.
How Far Can They Go?
The only T-shirt with the picture of the man wearing it that doesn’t look pathetic.
Exes Also Want Presents
Before unrevealing, that was supposed to be a sweater for a boyfriend. And now it’s a present for an ex. The only condition to make this present is to hate someone enough to waste your time and effort.
How Many Pokemons Have You Caught?
If you worry that a fish won’t survive at your friend’s place, you can place pokemons in a fish bowl instead.
Steam Emergency
This is the case when the package is better and more creative than the present itself.
The Most Expensive
What Is Your Favorite Movie?
Don’t look for “Where’s ham?” movie. It’s fake. The author of this present made up fake covers for X-rated movies so that parents of his buddy won’t find out. Making such present is time-consuming and can be expensive for student budget.
This Calendar Can Make Your Day
For such calendar, you might need some stuff. I doubt if each student has a banana costume. Also, this guy had to use PS to fulfill his ideas.
The Only Shiba Inu That Can Make You Rich
Dogecoins can cost a fortune in a couple of years. Think one more time before giving them as a present.
Perhaps the Most Expensive Gift Here
Who could get such an expensive gift? Of course, it’s mom. Such gift would cost you a fortune or $5000 but mom’s hug is priceless, isn’t it?
No, the Previous One Wasn’t the Most Expensive…
This is the present of the year, isn’t it? The way to get it is simple, the only thing you need to do is to create a time machine, go back to 2011 and buy it.
I hope that some ideas will help you to create your own presents. If you need even more inspiration, check out more Christmas gifts ideas for college students. When selecting or making gifts, remember that more important is your emotions and words that you say, not the gift itdself. Good luck and have a nice holiday!
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