The Great Parks and Nature Attractions for Students in Ithaca

Ithaca has beautiful nature and parks, which are a great find for the students of the Cornell University. Moreover, apart from being beautiful, the place is filled with many student attractions like a museum, parks, waterfalls, botanical gardens, and nature center preserves, etc.
It would be a crime not to visit at least some places of interest if you’re a student in Ithaca. Here are top parks and nature attractions that you should consider.
1. Buttermilk Falls State Park
The name itself gives an idea about the park. This park has many thick falls, which offers a feeling of buttermilk being poured into water. This is the main attraction along with other falls. Also, you can go camping, play sports, picnic, etc.
2. Robert H. Treman State Park
This place is also best for students of different age groups and families. There is a 9-mile long hiking trail, which runs through New York’s natural life. The park has 12 beautiful falls, a significant with 1.5 miles of straight down view, and famous Enfield Glen. You may enjoy many swimming holes with 115-foot Lucifer falls.
3. Cayuga Lake
Closest attraction to the Ithaca is Cayuga Lake. This lake is one of five New York’s Finger Lakes. The lake has a beautiful view, which can be enjoyed on the road. The loch also has swimming and boating facilities. The main highlight of the flood is Taughannock falls.
4. Stewart Park
The park is big and spacious, best suited for picnics and visits. Students can enjoy the view to the north, which extends over 60 miles of river and water. The cold breeze and weeping willow create a beautiful environment. There are many playgrounds, or the whole is considered as one big space for games.
5. Cornell Plantations
Cornell University is one of the attraction points for sure. There is a plantation near the university, which has many beautiful lush green gardens and theme display plants. The place is the best for students, and the admission is free.
6. Ithaca Falls Natural Area
Simple trail, with the great landscape of the falls from the bridge. It is wonderful to hear, and finally to see these awesome falls. These secret and the widest waterfalls offer many places for a picnic or just calm place for a reading! Enjoy the nature year-round.
7. The Suspension Bridge
If you want to see the awesome view of nature from a suspension bridge, then this place does the job. As the security is not a matter of concern, students can take a walk on the suspension bridge to cherish the nature and cool breeze.
Students of different age groups can have a good time in the city of Ithaca tourism. There are many attractions. A student can learn different things about the place. They can even write about their experience. Overall, Ithaca is a great place for student visits.

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