Top 3 Reasons for Boulder Students to Spend Time in the Fresh Air

Working on a college degree, especially in a prestigious location like Boulder’s branch of the University of Colorado, really does not leave time for many extracurricular activities.
Between stressing out over the next assignment due and feeling drained when you finally have a moment to yourself, there simply does not seem to be any energy left to try something different. But you need to step outside the dorms. You should to breathe in the fresh air. And where better to do that than beautiful Boulder, Colorado?
Reason 1: Eldorado Canyon
Jump in your car (or a friend’s car) and head south on Highway 93 and then west on Highway 170. After a short 20-or-so minute drive, you will find yourself at Eldorado Canyon State Park. If you enjoy hiking trails and nature walks, rock climbing, or simply sitting back and enjoying the majesty of nature, you have found the right place.
There are plenty of activities for nature lovers in Eldorado Canyon, and all it takes is the willpower to press on and leave your worries behind for at least a day. The fresh air blowing down from the canyon walls will help open your mind and renew you; when you head back up 170, you will regret that there was not more time, but realize that you have left some of that college stress behind.
Reason 2: Wonderland Lake Park
If you prefer less of a drive to reach some fresh air and soak in the beauty of Colorado’s natural scene, then simply swing your way up to the north end of the city where Wonderland Lake Park awaits.
Take a walk around Wonderland Lake itself, or divert your path and head up one of the area’s many, many hiking trails. If you are looking for something a bit more heart-pounding exciting, then head up to Wonderland Hill with your paraglider and get ready to not only get some fresh air but to soar through it! This park offers several “launching zones” that will certainly pique the interest of any adrenaline hunter. Or, if you prefer something a little calmer, you can visit the Foothills Nature Center and learn a bit more about the natural world of Northern Colorado.
Truly, there is so much to do at Wonderland Lake Park, and all of it will get you outside under the sun—and you don’t even have to leave the city!
Reason 3: Flagstaff Mountain
Willing to brave a winding mountain road? The path up to Flagstaff Mountain is steep and full of twists and turns. But the result is worth the drive: standing atop Flagstaff Mountain, you can take in all of Boulder stretching below—including the Continental Divide! If you packed a lunch, you can stop at one of several picnicking spots and enjoy the view while you munch on some grub. Perhaps one of the best activities this state can offer is simply its beautiful topography where nature meets modernity but remains standing strong.
So, now you have a few ideas how to diversify your time spending and refresh your thoughts. Prepare yourself, gather good company and go for a walk.

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