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Tips to Write a Good Synthesis Essay
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Tips to Write a Good Synthesis Essay

Writing a synthesis essay involves integrating evidence from multiple sources to make a coherent argument. The thesis statement of a synthesis essay is the central part of the paper, and it must be supported with compelling evidence from multiple sources. The body of the essay is the commentary, which explains why the evidence supports the thesis statement. The AP Lang synthesis essay prompt specifically states that you should not summarize the sources, but explain how each source supports the thesis statement in a novel or thoughtful way.

Creating a thesis statement for a synthesis essay

Creating a thesis statement for a synthesis essay is very similar to writing an argumentative essay. A good synthesis essay will incorporate evidence to support your point of view. It’s also a good way to earn points for “sophistication of thought.” The best synthesis essays will provide commentary on evidence, which can demonstrate strong rhetorical skills and original thinking. The commentary should show how the evidence supports your thesis statement.

Choosing a topic for a synthesis essay

Choosing a topic for a fusion essay can be difficult. Ideally, the topic should be both fascinating and complex. The best synthesis essay topics are those that are highly debatable, and which present a topic for further exploration. It should be a topic that entails a good deal of research, but has room for debate. It should also be something that has the potential for change and negotiation.

Choosing a thesis statement

Choosing a thesis statement for a synthesis essay is an important step in completing a good essay. The statement you choose should reflect your claim or core idea in the essay. It should also reflect your own voice or writing style. It should be one or two lines long and include a brief summary of your argument. Here are some tips to help you choose a thesis statement for a good synthesis essay:

Outlining a synthesis essay

The main goal of a synthesis essay is to synthesize the information you’ve been given into a new perspective. While synthesis essays can be difficult to write, they can be done. Here are some tips to help you write a synthesis essay. First, read your sources carefully. Doing so will help you identify the details that support your thesis statement. You should also consider comparing and contrasting two sources, if possible.

Including evidence in a synthesis essay

Unlike a traditional essay, a synthesis essay must present two different sides of an issue and include both pros and cons to support your claim. A good topic is a controversial one that has a variety of sources supporting different positions. For example, you may want to debate whether the death penalty is an effective way to deter crime. Similarly, you might want to argue that homeschooling children is a better option than public school. In either case, the quality of your synthesis essay will be judged by how well you present your argument.

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